His Own Time

I’m home, yes…but my mind is still occupied with thoughts of my dad. Knowing he is still in the same sleep as when I last saw him days ago is really pretty weird. He’s had varied changes take place since I was there. Everyday there is some sort of change, good and bad. He’s been very ill for over a month now. They are still running tests on him.

I wonder if he heard me when I spoke to him that day. The nurse said he does hear even though he’s sedated. Do they say that to make you feel better? I don’t know. I’d like to believe it that he did.

My sister sent us a group text after my dad’s wife sent us our daily update on his condition.

This is what she wrote:

“Dad has always done everything at his own speed. He had his own “time zone”. ☺ How many countless minutes/hours have we all spent waiting on him to get down that first row at the flea market or antique store, sometimes picking up an object and studying it for the longest time, and then just put it down and move on. Waiting at the checkout while he’s meandering down aisles at the grocery store, or any store, for that matter. Waiting for him to finish a project or START a project (“You see, it’s all in the planning”.)
And here we all are, waiting on Dad.
Waiting for him to turn that corner.
I can just see him coming down the aisle.”

Yes, Dad does things in his own time and in his own way. Always has.

I am home but I’m still very tied to Florida. I love my dad and should he need me there, I will go back.

Several people have asked me privately about how my dad is. And while I won’t write specifics in a blog, I will still try to keep you updated as I can. Thank you for caring. ♥️


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