Being Human, Being Real

There are many components to being human. Every person who walks this earth is very different, yet very much the same. We have own belief system and opinions, our own ways of doing things, etc., and I believe it is a blessing to be so unique. How boring it would be otherwise. But our similarities are extra special as they make us more compassionate.

When I went away last week, I was filled with many emotions. A friend suggested I write a blog about all that I was feeling. Since I was a hot mess, I needed to sort out a few things first before I could post anything. So I wrote in a special journal I have as I sat by the Bay. There, I had some much needed “squirrel time” and I found peace by the sea. Shortly thereafter, I wrote my first post of the week, Waves of Time.

After discussing the blog with my friend, I took his advice and began to write more real. Being human, we go through life’s trials and we suffer pretty much the same way. Our hearts break. We cry. We get angry. We have trouble sorting things out. On the other hand, we also celebrate the good things in life. Our humanness comes from the most inner part of us. It’s good to share our struggles and our celebrations. It brings us closer as a people. It lets others know that we are not alone and that it’s okay to express the reality of pain and the joy of happiness.

I have told you before that I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I have gone back and forth on whether that is a good thing or not. But I think it’s okay as long as I don’t cross the line of wallowing in self-pity. Sharing is a good thing as it connects our dots and unites us on a heart level.

Being human. Being real.
It’s a beautiful thing. ♥️


4 thoughts on “Being Human, Being Real

  1. Heart on your sleeve isn’t a bad thing. I think that those who don’t are missing out on an aspect of life, especially the openness of relationships with spouse, significant other, family, and good friends.

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