Watching Paint Dry

On the second day of my new job I was given an office of my own. I got all teary-eyed. I’ve never had a job that came with an office. Right away I thought of a theme for my little place. I needed to plan and purchase several things to make it happen. Even though I once loved to paint, I do not anymore. I had learned my lesson years ago. But here I go again.

I was ready to paint last weekend when I got the call that I needed to get to Dad in Florida. Since I am home now, and I need to keep my mind busy, I decided to paint today. Even with a splitting headache.

I got to the office and realized I forgot my bag of painting items that I need. Tape, edger, angled brush, paint stirs, etc. Oh well, I’ll make due. The office has some things in the storeroom that I can use and replace later.

I taped up the wall and started to trim. I thought my head was going to burst while trimming above my head. I really should have waited for another day. I got the roller out and stepped up on the stool and started to paint. When I came down off the stool and I stepped right into the paint pan. Yeah, I did that.

I finished that wall and decided to paint the opposite wall where the door is because I wasn’t quite tortured enough yet. I thought it would be simple, but no. Trimming was an aggravating mess with a ton of touch ups, and I see that both walls are going to need a second coat.

Currently, I am blogging while I watch paint dry. I would like to go home. I’d like to be in Florida. My mind is racing. I feel guilty to be here when Dad is not doing so well but then I feel guilty being there and not doing things that need to be done here, like painting or my job. I can’t help Dad no matter where I am. It doesn’t make it any easier though. So, I guess I’ll watch the paint dry, think about Dad, and see what needs to be touched up…again. Tomorrow I’ll hang my pictures.

Thank you for stopping by. ♥️


17 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry

    1. The best place to think and write for me is either in my bed in the darkness of the early hours, or outside in the middle of nowhere, but is really somewhere to me. (Nature)

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                  1. I don’t get into all that. I’ve never been convinced that when you’re born determines anything. I’m weird and socially awkward year round. From day 1.


                    1. Oh, I agree. It’s just when I look it up at times, it’s rather fitting and I have to wonder how that is. But to live your life by it is wrong in my opinion. It’s a curiosity. 🙂

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                    2. I’ve been into a lot but that was actually something I never got into… I learned enough about it and moved on.

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