Tick Tock

How is it I can hear the seconds tick by on the digital clock next to my bed? And why does it seem like minutes between each one? I feel the stabbing pain of each deep within my heart.

Tick tock…

Everything in life is timed. The time of our conception. The time of our birth. The time of our death. And every single event in-between, and all throughout our life. It’s all timed.

We’ve wasted time. We’ve scheduled time. We’ve rushed time. We’ve questioned time. We’ve been on time. And we’ve begged for time.

Tick tock…

Tick tock…

Tick tock…

…goes the clock.

Time is moving in slo-motion. I have much to say. Will time wait for me? I will find comfort in and embrace in the knowledge that God’s timing is always perfect. What is life without hope?


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