The Beauty of Winter

Winter can seem to drag on forever. Typically, January and February are the absolute hardest months for me to endure. But I have to admit that while January was pretty boring as far as weather is concerned, it actually went by rather quickly. Now February, on the other hand, has been a winter paradise. We finally got measurable snow amounts and although it’s been extremely cold, I don’t mind. When it snows it’s magical. It’s almost like being inside a snow globe or starring in a Hallmark Christmas movie. But when it’s not snowing, the sun has been creating awesome displays. I absolutely love the sky. I have discovered that I don’t mind any season as long as I can see the sky with the warm sun and ever-changing cloud formations.

I have a friend visiting Montana at the moment. I asked him to send pictures that I could maybe use in a blog sometime. He responded with these pictures. In return, I’ve been sharing my winter skies with him.

He shared with me some of his adventures. He used the word magical to describe his time there and I believe it is just that. He also told me this:

If you go out in nature, God will bless your adventure.


Today, I’m sharing with you a little bit of my winter Indiana sky and a portion of his winter Montana adventure.

Be grateful for the beauty of winter. ♥️


Photos: 1 sunrise; 2-4 midday sky; 5-7 Montana pics courtesy of my friend, 8 a fiery sunset

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