Our American Flag

Elizabeth Griscom was a Quaker along with her sixteen siblings. She learned how to sew at a young age and became an upholsterer. Elizabeth knew much about life. She knew what it was to love as she was married three times and she knew much about death as she outlived all three husbands.

Elizabeth was a homemaker and a mother of seven children. She was a successful business woman as a seamstress and she also managed properties. She knew what it was to be a widow with children. Which I’m sure was a difficult time. Elizabeth was a great example of a smart, hard working, strong woman. She conquered, and accomplished, much in her 84 years.

This woman was remembered by her family and friends for numerous reasons as she wore many hats. But we remember her best as Betsy Ross and for making the first American flag.

What strength was sewn into our first flag.

And the strength continues.

Our flag has flown proudly since 1776. It’s gone through many changes to keep up with the growth of our nation. And it has stood the test of time.

The American flag is our symbol of freedom and liberty and justice. It not only represents these to our country but to other countries as well. So much so that people of other lands travel thousands of miles just to be a part of our great land of freedom and opportunity.

Our flag represents the liberties given to us by our Creator, and then preserved by our founding fathers in The Constitution for the united states of America*.

Many have fought and many have died to preserve our flag and all that it represents. Our flag is worn. Often it is tired. But it is resilient. It continues to be held high in times of war. It has been shredded in combat and tattered by the elements. It is saluted by our military‘s highest ranking in all the world and by the youngest of our land as they recite The Pledge of Alliance. Even the most frail shed tears at the sight of our flag.

Sadly, there is a flip side. The symbol of our country is being removed from our sight. There are those who no longer want us to be reminded of the Constitution or the freedoms given to us by our God. So they remove our flag as they argue it is a distortion of justice. And removal is under the guise of giving us more freedom and equality. But to those of us who understand, we know their mission is contrary and that end result will be disastrous for all people, here and abroad.

Our precious flag has been abused by those who have no understanding of its value. Nor do they care to learn. They thrive on discord, hate, and division. Demonstrations that include vile acts upon our flag only show the ignorance of those who perform them. They truly lack understanding. Voices need to be heard, yes. And changes are sometimes necessary but we need to go through proper channels. And we need to do so without causing division or inflicting pain.

The meaning of our flag has not changed through the course of time. Many though have another agenda and are trying to distort its representation as being a symbol of inequality and confinement. Do not conform to this falsehood. Stand up for our country and the values that have been the most honored by all the world and greatly blessed by God.

Our flag still brings tears to my eyes. I understand the need to preserve its integrity as it represents the health of our nation. I know it’s worth. I can feel it’s power. I see strength in the stars and stripes, and in the faces of our military. Strength was sewn into every inch of our flag. And strength still supports our flag through the military (blood, sweat, and tears), and by all of us who value its worth and are dedicated to the preservation of our Constitution. This is what makes America so great.

A salute to the American flag. Let us never forget it’s worth or the price paid for freedom.

Be grateful for all that our flag represents. ♥️


Photos: 3, 4, 6, my flags after our recent snowfall; 5, my 1st place award winning “color landscape photo” in the 2004 Main St. holiday photo contest, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

*That is until the Act of 1871 converted our free America to Corporate America by unconstitutionally changing us from The Constitution for the united states of America to The Constitution of the United States of America.

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