The Storming of the Capitol

I just watched a video of the Capitol police gently opening the fence for Trump supporters to walk through. They opened it up and stepped out of the way.

I guess it could be called “storming”. Or it could called a “setup”. Were there paid “peaceful” protesters involved? We know there have been throughout the past year. There could be some evidence of that today as well. We will probably never know all the details of this event. Whatever happened today is unfortunate. My heart hurts for our country. There’s never been a greater divide between the beautiful people of this country in my almost 60 years.

On my way to work every morning for the past year, I listen to one song on repeat for my entire drive. Even when I feel my prayers are not being answered because my heart is in pain, troubles still greet me in the morning, and I am feeling lost, I will still love my God and have faith in Him. Even if He doesn’t remove the pain or hardship from my life, I am His…and no one can take that away from me.

Whatever your prayers, if they seem to have gone unanswered, don’t disregard the presence of God. God is ever present. And He is in control.

Italy, 2012

Today my heart hurts a lot. It has hurt so much over the last nine months or so. Be good to those around you. Love each other because these days are getting harder. Lay your burdens at Jesus’ feet.

Be grateful even when life is dark. ♥️


PS The song I play on my way to work is “Even If” by MercyMe. Maybe it’s a good song for you.

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