Yesterday, I watched an eagle fly low just above the trees. Yesterday, I watched orange and golden leaves dance through the sky until they covered the ground like grandma’s pieced-together quilt. Yesterday, I walked on dusty pathways of a rustic campground and felt one with the earth. Yesterday, I received a letter that pushed the air out of my lungs, and made me cry.

Yesterday, I allowed a bad moment to cast a dark shadow over the many good moments I had. I surrendered my control, my strength, and my happiness to someone else. I handed them over, practically gift wrapped, to the sender of that letter.

As I sit here on my porch swing today, I realize how wrong I was to let something distasteful ruin a perfectly good fall day. That just can’t be. Positivity should always be our focus. Peace, love, compassion, and happiness should out-power most of the bad that comes our way. I admit that it takes discipline. I learned another lesson. Well, I learned this lesson…again.

I hope your good moments outrank the bad. Don’t willingly hand your power or your happiness to another. They belong to you. There are those who need to take your control to make them who they are because they are nothing by themselves. Don’t allow them to weaken you.

Today, I take back what is mine. And I will be content. I will deal with that person as needed but they get nothing more from me. Today, I will look for all the amazing wonders around me and rejoice.

Be grateful. ♥️


Photos: wild flowers on a pathway, August 2016

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