Autumn Morn

Golden streaks of autumn sun,
Shoot through the forest trees,
Enhancing every color scheme,
Contained within the falling leaves.

A spider’s web hangs gracefully,
Created skillfully through the night,
Glistening with the morning dew,
A chef d’oeuvre of pure delight.

The air is crisp and clean these days,
It refreshes my very soul,
And awakens a youthful spirit within,
Once again…I feel whole.

Grapes adorn the twisting vines,
Shades of purple, orange, maroon, and green,
This kaleidoscope of color and taste,
Beckoning me these vines to glean.

Though I walk alone, alone I’m truly not,
For my senses are my friends this day,
As I behold God’s awesomeness,
In the beauty of this fall display.

October 3, 2012

While I’m grateful for every season, autumn is my favorite. My manager, Sydney, and I were discussing this today. There’s something special about fall. It has a sad, but happy presence. Melancholy. Maybe because the beauty is short-lived. It is the season where everything you feel is magnified, but in a good way. The air is crisp and I, personally, feel more alive than any other time of the year. There are so many wonderful scents of autumn. Piles of raked leaves, a bonfire, a walk through the woods, and hot cinnamon apple cider all leave you wanting more. Romance is in the air too, complete with warm arms wrapped tightly around you, chilly noses, and interlaced fingers. It’s just all so perfect.

I truly hope that you can find time to enjoy this season in all its glory. Don’t put it off because autumn doesn’t wait for anyone. She leaves as quickly as she arrives.

Be grateful for autumn. ♥️


Photo: origin unknown

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