A Walk Down Memory Lane

Yesterday after work, a friend and I decided to walk at a favorite park of mine. We are encouraging each other to make better lifestyle choices by eating right and living healthier. This was day two and we added in this gorgeous walk. A walk, for me, down memory lane.

This park is loaded with wonderful memories for me as I used to run it several years ago. My favorite runs were trail runs and I particularly enjoyed running uphill. Don’t ask me why. I ran a 5k through here once. A charity for mental health. That was an interesting run. It took place on an early Saturday morning. Lots of college kids joined in this run as this park is actually part of the university. We were into the run about halfway when I got passed by a college girl. At that point we were up high along the ridge of the old gravel pit. It was only a few moments later when I passed her as she was heaving her guts up and out on the side of the pathway. I continued on only to be passed by her a second time. Again, I found her up ahead heaving her Friday night fun all over the edge of the pathway. Right now I don’t recall ever seeing her pass me a third time but I think I saw her at the finish line. I had to admire her dedication to keep pushing forward under those circumstances.

Down below is what I call the canyon, it gets mighty hot down there in the summer. It’s resembles a southwestern desert, or Mars. This is where 18, or so, turkey buzzards circled me as I ran through it on a very hot summer afternoon. It was a little intimidating for sure. I just made sure I didn’t stop.

As we walked, I recalled the time I was running and my foot tagged a root and down I went. I jumped up as fast as I could and looked around to see if anyone saw me. Well, no. I was in the thick of the woods. No one saw. I noticed my knee and hand were both bleeding. I told myself to “suck it up, sissy” and I continued on my run. I’m sure I looked a wreck by the time I got to my car. I was always pretty good at pushing through all the reasons to quit, whether it was in running or weight training, or whatever.

We walked up the gravel hill to get up on the ridge. This was where I slipped while on one of my joy runs and tore my calf badly. It pretty much ended my running career. The muscle needed to be stripped but that hurts, so I didn’t do it…regretfully. I would have had to stop running eventually because of my hip, but I still had a couple more years where I could have run. Sometimes we don’t make the right choices at the time. I miss running.

It sure felt good to be out there yesterday. The leaves are turning slightly. The geese were enjoying an afternoon swim. Beautiful views. The scent of fall in the air. Friendship and conversation. A good way to end a day.

Thanks for stopping by for a little reminiscing. Coffee is on!

Be grateful for good memories. ♥️


Photos: DePauw Nature Park, September 15, 2020

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