Rules have been around since the beginning of time. First of all, nature was created by God and given cycles, boundaries, and rules. The sea and all that it holds, the birds of the air, and every creature that walks the earth are bound by rules. Their inner workings are all controlled by cycles. These rules and boundaries are to ensure that all species survive and flourish.

We, too, were given rules, cycles, and boundaries as well. All of these were designed for our protection. We have written and unwritten laws based on morality, which ultimately came from God.

Breaking laws, jumping boundaries, and interfering with cycles causes unique and specific consequences. Most of which are unpleasant. The world and all it contains is as intricate as the fine tuning of a clock. Everything needs to work together…or well, it doesn’t work. Sadly, many of our cities today are examples of broken rules, laws, and boundaries. Rules are designed for some type of order so we can exist and grow, and live peaceably with nature and each other.

Some rules can be fun and goofy. For instance, this was my FaceBook post on September 1, 2013:

Okay… I’m not a canoer. I admit it. I did learn the first two basic rules in canoeing though.

Rule #1: Do not wear dark printed underwear under light-colored, light-weight pants.

Rule #2: Do not kick water onto your seat as you get into the canoe.

I broke both.

Rules are always going to be here. There are no winners in bucking the system. God has His rules for us too. We can’t change a single word He’s written and we can’t change His mind. If He felt strongly enough to include His specific thoughts for us to obey in His Word, we can be pretty sure it’s for a good reason and for our benefit.

Rules. They are everywhere. Unless human rules go against God’s word, or against our own written laws, we need to obey them.

Moral rules:
Love God.
Love one another.
Don’t intentionally hurt someone, mentally or physically.

I believe every person has potential to do great things. We need to check our hearts periodically to make sure we are a part of solutions and not of the problems.

I am so very happy you are here and I hope you come back to visit whenever I post. The coffee will always be on.

I am grateful that God gave us a blueprint for order in our lives. From marriage to raising children, to our positions in the family unit, to our jobs, and even to our government. The moon and stars, the earth, every planet, and the sun were perfectly placed and all obey His rules as well. Be grateful for God’s design. ♥️


I apologize for my absence. I saw my writing was going in a direction I did not like but I wasn’t mentally able to reign it back in. I am beginning to rise above and I do feel better. 💕

Photos: our nature walk on September 11, 2020; me, wet hair and in my favorite wardrobe…men’s oversized flannel shirts 😬

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