A Matter of Principle

A situation that requires something be done a certain way because one believes it is the only right way. -Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Sometimes we are faced with a harsh reality which forces us to make a decision based on a matter of principle. It isn’t something I’d call fun. I know that I don’t get enjoyment out of making these decisions as they are often very difficult. But we make them because we believe it to be right, and often there is a moral value attached to it.

Consider each difficult decision and measure the pros and cons accordingly. Do not sacrifice your morals or principles to keep something the way it is out of fear. If a situation warrants a change, then you should do it.

Decision-making isn’t my strong point. I’ve lost and won. I’ve been challenged. I’ve been right. I’ve been wrong. A lot. I’ve lost friends, and I’ve gained some too. Not making decisions often means that someone else, or a condition, will end up making the decision for you and that may, or may not, be cool. It’s best to take charge and make decisions with things in your control.

If you make a bad decision, learn learn learn from it. Don’t beat yourself up. Get back on track and deal with the results the best way you can. It happens to all of us.

Thanks for stopping by for a quick cup of coffee. Be grateful God has given us principles and morals to guide us in decision-making. ♥️


Photos: Jamaican waters, August 2016

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