“And the Lord turned…”

Luke 22:61a

The morning is brilliant today. The air has a subtle hint of fall tucked in its coolness and my heart feels excited with anticipation of autumn. I’m not ready to give up summer quite yet though. I never was a summer person but I have been really enjoying it the last two years. I’m in my sunroom this morning. Windows are open, and Herc is lying next to the chaise lounge where I am seated. I have come to this room prepared with coffee, my Bible, and many prayers.

I am on a hiatus. But as I read this passage, I felt a strong urge to share it.

The passage actually begins in Luke 22:39. I’m reading about Jesus on the Mount of Olives as He prays with great anguish as He knows all that needs to come to pass…and His disciples sleep. Then the crowd, led by Judas, comes to take Him away.

I wrote about the rooster crowing in a recent blog. Jesus told Peter that before the rooster crows, Peter would deny him three times. Peter said never would that happen. But as Jesus is led away, Peter does deny Him three times. While Peter is still speaking the third denial, the rooster crows. Jesus turned and looked directly at Peter. And Peter saw Jesus…and he remembered.

Tears came to my eyes as I visualized this interaction between Jesus and Peter. My heart hurt for Peter as I know that Jesus has turned and looked at me in the same manner. And I felt his shame. Peter went out and wept bitterly. And I did this morning on his behalf…and for myself.

How many times have we done what we wanted to do knowing how much it would disappoint Jesus? How many times have we sinned when we said that would never happen? His concern is for our salvation and our eternity. Jesus isn’t beyond feeling grief. He prayed in the garden in anguish. Jesus wept for His friend Lazarus in John 11. Jesus is compassionate. He can feel what we feel. And when we walk away from Him, He feels every bit of heartache and sadness.

Please read Luke 22:39-62 when you can. Replace Peter’s name with yours and when Jesus turns to look at you, look Him in the eyes. Feel that moment. Know that Jesus feels it too.

I felt drawn to share this with you today. I hope we remember that Jesus is always watching us with the greatest of love.

Be grateful for the compassion of Jesus. ♥️


Photos: White orchids at the White River Botanical Gardens; white orchids in Jamaica

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