Sometimes silence is a good thing. We need to turn off the static of the world and just chill for awhile. It would be in our best interest to turn off the TV every so often. Maybe even leave the car radio off on the drive home from work. I believe silence really is golden.

I like silence. I like it a lot. Mostly, the silence away from people noises, like cars, mowers, and machinery. I love listening to birds, frogs, and cicadas, and a field of corn rustling in the wind. The chatter of squirrels chasing each other up and down and around the tree is quite entertaining. The crackling of a bonfire is soothing to me. Waves rushing onto the shore is a noise I’d never tire of. I remember as a young girl I‘d sleep with my window open whenever I could, and I’d hear the night sounds from the harbor on Lake Michigan, of ships and fog horns, and in the west, I’d hear the rhythm of a distant train. I’m fortunate I can hear trains where I live now too, but I sure do miss the sound of the harbor. Some sounds are peaceful to me and I consider them to be a part of silence. Often that’s where I do my best dreaming.

Other times silence may not be so good. Silence between friends or family can mean any number of things. Silence on the other end of the line usually isn’t a good sign. Neither are unanswered questions. Reading between the lines is troubling and taxing on the heart. Here, silence isn’t golden at all.

Then there’s social media. Even if I don’t have the audio on, but am reading controversial posts and their comments filled with rantings and raging, it is as loud and disturbing as the constant revving of a car engine, or of a alarm that won’t shut off, or even of rap music turned up on high volume. So silence, for me, would also include staying away from controversy in social media, newspapers, news stations, magazines, etc. Anything that excites my mind in a disruptive way and makes my body feel like a beehive is noise to my soul.

While I enjoy associating with people, I like to return to my quiet place. Preferably, sooner than later. That doesn’t mean I’m totally at peace alone, by myself. I am not. I believe you can be with someone and enjoy silence together. Holding hands quietly speaks volumes. That would be the best kind of silence to me.

I hope you find a quiet place today. Use that time to unwind, to reflect, and to dream. I think even extroverts benefit from quiet times. I am an introvert with a touch of “extrovert-wanna-be”. But I embrace the introvert in me. And I appreciate silence.

Thank you for stopping by today for coffee with me. We can talk or just sit in the quietness, together.

Be grateful for quiet times. ♥️


Photos: cornfield near my home, August 2020, my coffee cup this morning in the quiet of my room

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