Flower Pickin’

Yesterday my youngest daughter and I went flower pickin’. We had a picnic planned that evening with my son and his wife. I love wild flowers and I wanted to make an arrangement for our table. My daughter looked adorably retro in her summer dress while carrying my antique pail for the picked flowers. (It may or not be a chamber pot. No matter…it worked perfectly to carry our cuttings.)

It was a perfect day for a walk and a walk is always good to clear my head. I absolutely love the outdoors. While there weren’t any flowers besides Queen Anne’s Lace and clover where we walked, we did see lots of butterflies and moths. So that was a gift. We added Black-eyed Susans from our yard to our bouquet.

Our picnic was a success. We had BBQ ribs with the best homemade sauce, my mom’s potato salad, my dad’s chip dip, a garden salad, lemonade, and ice cream. Then we watched the Full Sturgeon Moon rise up through the pink and blue clouds.

My suggestion is for you to get outside. Take off the mask and fill your lungs with fresh air. Close your eyes…and just be. This Covid year is flying by faster than any year I’ve lived so far. Before you know it, it’ll be winter and we won’t want to get out.

Thanks for being here. I appreciate your visits more than you know. Coffee is on. Stay as long as you’d like.

Be grateful for the small moments that give life meaning. ♥️


Wishing you a day of peace with continued prayers for your health and happiness.

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