Isolation to Conquer?

I just woke. It’s 2:18 am. I’m not in my own room, nor am I in my own house. This place is quiet. Very quiet. If I didn’t know there were two others here, I would think I was utterly and totally alone in this place. I didn’t hear them arrive from their night out. No car sounds or the opening of the garage door. I hear no voices or movement. This house is built solid. There are no strange sounds you often hear in unfamiliar places in the dark of night. No, this place is quiet in every sense of the word. I heard the AC kick on. Nothing more. Even the ceiling fan is quiet in comparison to the tinnitus from which I suffer. I can barely hear its soft hum over the crickets inside my head.


But…I chose to be here. I came voluntarily. I wanted to escape the whirlwind life for a couple of days. I am enjoying the quietness away from people, pressures, mask wearing…and fireworks this holiday.

This is quite the opposite from what we are being told to do for this Covid situation. The situation I refer to while biting the inside of my cheek. I’m here for rest and relaxation. The government wants you to isolate…well, for other reasons.

Isolation. Social Distancing. Lockdown. Sheltering in place. Quarantine. All words that had no meaning until March 2020. Maybe a little earlier than March as we watched the world shutdown ahead of us. These are words I could go the rest of my life without ever hearing again.

I’m wondering when it is ever feasible to isolate in order to conquer. The word conquer is generally associated with a coming together to fight, to become stronger, to overcome. I’m referring to a large scale conquering and not that of an individual who conquers an inner demon.

We have those in high political places (who are suppose to work for the people) telling us that the only way to stop this virus is by staying away from each other. Isolation. That may make sense to some but it does not to me. You can disagree with me. I only ask that you give this some thought and do the research. I remember when my kids were young a long time ago, when one family came down with chicken pox every child-rearing family flocked to their house so their kids could get it too. Why? To build up their immunity. To strengthen their own natural defense. Your body’s immune system needs to be in a constant state of strengthening. There are many components to a healthy and strong immune system but being separated from others actually causes it to weaken.

Is Covid real? Yes, I do believe that. I also believe there is a community of people who have a higher risk of getting very sick from it. But for the vast majority of the population, the recovery rate is almost 100%, when, or if, you even get it. Am I saying we just let the chips fall where they may? No. We need to be mindful of those who are high risk. But to isolate the whole population in order to conquer? I feel this is wrong on so many levels and highly detrimental to society. Personally, I see no upsides to isolation only downsides. Besides a weakening of the immune system, another very real downside is that of our mental health. Statistics have revealed an increase of suicides, domestic violence, divorce, and child abuse since the world shutdown. Not to mention the thousands among thousands who are suffering financial hardships. Is isolation truly the way to conquer Covid?

When and why do we quarantine a healthy society? A society dies in isolation. We’ve already gotten a small glimpse of that nightmare. Who gets to make these decisions for you and me? A person of great wealth who has no medical background whatsoever? Or a lone doctor who changes his yes’s and no’s, and his do’s and don’t’s, every other day? How about your governor who has the power to completely shut down your state? Who gets to make these personal decisions for us concerning our health, our lives, and our livelihood? And are you okay with trusting someone else to do this for you?

So when has isolation ever been used to conquer? And will isolation conquer Covid? We need to start thinking beyond the news headlines. Beyond social media. Beyond the politics. We, as individuals, need to be doing the research and investigating all sides of this so-called pandemic. We must pay attention to individual lives along with the condition of our country and where it’s headed. Put the pieces together. There is much more as stake here besides a virus with an almost 100% recovery rate. Isolation is not a cure, nor is it the answer. Isolation has proven to have severe consequences and tragedies attached to it. It cannot conquer. My opinion, for what it’s worth.

These are things we need to consider when being told what we can or cannot do. Believe it or not, there are those who are not looking out for our best interest. Isolation is key to the collapse of nation. We need to think about that.

This topic was suggested and encouraged by a close friend. I didn’t know what to do with it for a few days until I woke up at 2:18 am. Then I just started writing. Funny how that happens. I hope I did it justice.

I hope you had a safe and fun Fourth of July. Mine was quiet. I had a very nice getaway to a country Airbnb. Birdsong was music to my ears and comforting to my soul.

Be grateful for simple things. Like birdsong and the sound of children playing. And coffee. Let’s not forget the simplicity of coffee with a friend or two.♥️


Photos: playground fenced off to keep children away from playing with each other; a secluded pathway; my girls at Cataract Falls

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