Dear Rioters and Looters

**fair warning**
This blog was written yesterday prior to removing myself from FaceBook. This blog could be considered a continuation of my last post on FaceBook. You may find this to be harsh and controversial. You may not like me. You do not have to proceed. These are my thoughts and my opinions. -Andi

Dear Rioters and Looters,

I hope that while your child watches Frozen on your newly stolen TV, or as your wife watches her favorite cooking show, you never remember how you pushed someone down and out of the way so you could take it home.

I also hope that you find great satisfaction in the huge pile of new clothing on your bed, even though they don’t fit. And I hope it never crosses your mind that someone, somewhere, needs decent clothes to wear.

I hope the gaming items you pulled out from behind broken glass bring you a fair amount of money as you sell them. And I hope the cuts on your hands and arms don’t require medical attention, or that the scars aren’t a constant reminder that you took from someone else.

I hope the parties you throw are super fun with all the alcohol you stole from a business that someone built from nothing to support his family. I hope the drunken stupor dulls your remembrance of a life you destroyed.

I hope you never see yourself on video as you attack an innocent bystander or destroy property just because you wanted to make a statement, were paid to “protest”, or because you felt the power. I wouldn’t want you to have sleepless nights.

I hope that when you kicked in that window and severely cut your leg that the police officer who aided you, and saved your life, didn’t hinder you for too long so you could get back to kicking in storefront windows.

I hope the blood on the street, or the man you left in a heap on the concrete, don’t haunt your dreams at night as you rest comfortably in your bed.

I hope your little girl, who runs into your full arms after a day of looting, doesn’t notice the blood on your clothing and ask how it got there.

I hope you never recall that officer’s face as you watched him brutalized by your buddies, not giving a second thought that he too, has a little girl at home waiting for his open arms.

No. I lied.

I don’t hope for any of these things.

I hope you are tormented both day and night with your hateful acts against innocent people. I hope you remember vividly the businesses you destroyed and the livelihoods that will never recover. I hope the new scars on your body hurt every time you look at them. I hope you never forget the screams, the blood, the pain, and the chaos.

This is not about Mr. Floyd. This isn’t about racism. This is about hatred and evil, power and control. This was an event just waiting for the right circumstance, the perfect opportunity, to come up out of the darkness and show its ugly head. Sadly, Mr. Floyd’s death was that moment for you. Hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of people of all races and color are now suffering at your hands.

I don’t care what color your skin is. This is about the heart and mind of all people. There are good and bad in every color, in every race, and in every profession. If you just could have stepped back for a second you would have seen and heard the cries of a united people here in America, mourning the death of George Floyd. But you didn’t wait a second. You listened to the powerful ones who told you to seek and destroy. You didn’t listen to your own heart. You will have to live with that for the rest of your life. Tell me, is this the legacy you want to leave for your children?

Do you realize you are an expendable pawn in someone else’s agenda? Your life is worth the same as the man whom you pulled from his own rig and severely beat. You aren’t more special. You aren’t more privileged, or honored. You are a pawn, and you have done someone else’s dirty work.

What is your reward? Money? Stolen goods? A scarred body? Memories that you can’t erase? Don’t you realize that you will be tossed to the wayside when they are done with you. Don’t choose to be a pawn in a madness that is not yours.

There is never a reason to retaliate with violence. Had you waited just a little longer you would have seen our nation come together as ONE, to see that justice was served. But you chose not to wait even a second longer. Now the situation has escalated across the world and brought on even more complicated issues, and broken lives to contend with…and, yes, even murder.

The media and the those with an agenda want to keep us in this state of division. For what purpose, I do not completely understand. But when I saw a picture of what the media referred to as “rednecks”, armed and protecting a business, I realized again just how crooked the media is as they only showed half the photo. Their picture was of two white men only, when actually there were two white men and two black men, all armed, standing together in UNITY, to protect a business. The media didn’t want you to see the “whole” picture. All I can think is they must be getting paid quite handsomely under-the-table. But what they don’t realize is that they too are just pawns. A useful tool to keep our country divided. A tool that will be discarded when it’s work is done.

Floyd’s siblings and girlfriend all agree that this violence is something he never would have wanted to happen. His girlfriend said he loved the city and would not have wanted it destroyed. If you just would have waited…but you didn’t. Reacting without thinking. It always makes things worse.

Yes, I want you to remember and to never forget. I want you to feel in your heart the very pain you inflicted upon others. Because through feeling you may have a change of heart. And that is my prayer for you.

You are better than this.


Photos: I think there are enough on social media and your local news station. I won’t add to their glory by posting here.

My final thought...
I have faith that our country is going to come together to rebuild, preserve, and protect, and become greater than ever. We have been bruised but God is able to heal and strengthen good people. People who want a better world for their children. There is strength in numbers and I believe good people outnumber the bad.

God is ever present. He is here for us. Call on His name for strength and wisdom during these trying times. He is greater than all. I was reminded today that I wear the armor of God. Let’s put on the armor of God and lay down the bricks and torches. Praise God for His grace and mercy. Be grateful.

We all are better than this. ♥️

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