Rerouting is sort of a continuation of yesterday’s blog, Reboot. I hope you don’t mind. I had additional thoughts come to mind this morning that I felt had value and worth sharing.

Last October I visited Maine. I put on my big girl pants and ventured out exploring on my own. While it was out of my comfort zone, it was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done (on my own). It was definitely a trip of self-discovery and growth. I rented a car for the first time in my life. I drove to Bar Harbor. I visited the Bangor Police Department to see Tim Cotton and the Duck of Justice. (Google it) I forgot to run by Stephen King’s home though. I did stop at Dunkin Donuts. More than once. Don’t judge me. I like their coffee. I even decided to drive a long distance to Moosehead Lake. By. My. Self.

While on my drive to Moosehead Lake, which was mostly a straight shot from Bangor, my Australian co-pilot decided to take me off the main highway. I obeyed and followed his direction even though I wasn’t understanding his logic. (I think I just came up with another blog topic. “Sheeple”.)

Anyway, I got off the highway and he rerouted me through the country. I had some harsh words for him as I questioned his intelligence. And yes, I spoke out loud. He didn’t respond to me, but kept silent…except for his instructions on when and where I should turn. But…I will never forget the beauty I would have otherwise missed. It was autumn and peak leaf season. Several residents who I came across mentioned it was the most colorful fall they could remember in recent years. I stopped along the rerouted route to take pictures. The views were breathtaking.

My Aussie then rerouted me back to the highway I was on in the first place. On my way back, I noticed there was no construction or any type of issue that he was trying to help me avoid. I still don’t understand his logic, but I’m grateful he rerouted me through the Maine countryside.

Sometimes we need to rethink our situation and reroute. In my mind, I had my own reality of how my life would be at this age. I figured all my kids would be here near me. We’d have Sunday dinners and frequent get-togethers. That’s what I wanted. And, I still do. But that’s not to be. My reality and theirs are not the same. I cannot force my reality on anyone. That’s not fair. I’ve had to learn (and painfully accept) that in a couple of ways lately. I can’t force my reality, my hope, on someone else no matter how right it seems to me. So it’s time to redirect my thoughts, my dreams, and my hope. I basically need to reroute my life. As painful as this is (because remember, this is my realty), I have no choice but to reroute.

Rerouting isn’t easy. You might question it like I did Siri. But you may find that the new route will take you places you never dreamed of. Or maybe the new route will teach you things you need to know and reroute you back to the road you were on in the first place. But I can’t focus on, or hope for that to happen because it may not ever become reality. Holding onto the dream of reconnecting with that road would only prevent me from experiencing what is in front of me. And that would, in turn, only add more heartache to my life. So, I will let go of what I thought was real, (try to) focus on the new route, and plan accordingly.

I hope you benefit from my wordy blogs. I’m just a rambling kinda girl. Maybe someone else could use fewer words to relay their thoughts but that seems to be an impossibility for me.

Thank you for stopping by today. Coffee with a little KerryGold Irish cream is perfect on this day of reflection.

Remember that no matter what your situation is, always be grateful. ♥️


Photos: top – Maine, October 2019; bottom – My oldest daughter, Denae, St. Joe, MI, May 2012. This picture seems to reflect how I am feeling today as I contemplate rerouting my life.

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