Back to the Garden

Sometimes something wonderful can come out of an unpleasant situation. While we should always walk away with a lesson learned, once in awhile we might walk away with a gift as well. I recently received such a gift.

Without going into details of my situation, I would like to share with you the gift I received. That gift led to another which, in turn, led to this blog. The first gift I received was the rekindling of a friendship. I made a call to my friend whom I haven’t talked to in years. I was unsure of how my call would be received because of the circumstances initiating the call. Pretty much the first words she spoke were, “Andi, I still consider you to be one of my sweetest friends.” And my heart rejoiced. Gift one: I reconnected with my dear friend.

Our conversation was relaxed and pleasant as if the separation of time and space never occurred. We talked about many things and reminisced about our early homeschooling days. She also shared with me a book that she is reading again. A book that has helped her in coping with life changes, spiritual growth, and finding peace. The book is called A Place Called Simplicity. She gave me a quick summary of the book and I became very interested. So I ordered it. Gift two: the book.

Currently, I’m sitting in my sunroom, reading the book, and writing this blog while still in my jammies. Jammies are perfect quarantine attire. The book is good so far and it inspired this blog. I feel the author is speaking directly with me…over a cup of coffee. I agree that our inner self is fighting to go back. Back to where life is simpler. Back to where we were first designed. Back to the Garden.

God created the world by speaking it into existence. He put thought into every word He spoke and everything was created out of love. When God created man, He designed us intricately and perfectly. And He gave us a perfect place to live. The garden was furnished with everything we would ever need. Although He created one man and one woman, I refer to them as us. And that is because had any of us been in the garden, I believe we would have acted the same as Adam and Eve. They were foolish. Just as we are today.

We are never satisfied, just as Adam and Eve were not. They wanted more even though they had it all. And our history proves we are still in that same mindset. Each new piece of technology comes with a loosely-woven promise to free up our time so we can live simpler, happier, and more peaceful lives. We think we can invent our way back to the place God gave us in the first place. But since that fateful day when Adam and Eve decided they knew better than God, He has been trying to get us back into the garden. (The garden now being a state of mind, an attitude.) And I believe the same as this author, we struggle internally to regain what we have lost. Simplicity.

With the events of today, we have some time to reflect on simpler things. What makes our life more fulfilling? What changes will we make when life returns to “normal”? What will we gladly leave behind? Or, will we fill our lives and schedules as in the pre-Covid days? Have we learned anything?

I, for one, desire a simplistic life. And I hope I can focus on the things that matter most and toss out the complexities whenever possible. God knew what was best for us back in the garden and He knows what’s best for us now. He hasn’t changed. Maybe we were made to slow down for a reason. Let’s embrace this moment in time even through the difficulties.

Thank you for stopping by on this Sunday. I hope your new week is a great one and that you give God the glory for all things good and beautiful in your life. Yes, even for the trials, as they build character, strength, and wisdom.

Be grateful. ♥️


Photos: The flower pics were taken a couple years ago from my porch pots. The butterfly pic is from my Jamaican trip a few years back. Pic of me was taken yesterday after a drive out in the country with one of my daughters and two of our dogs. Connecting with nature does the soul good. ♥️

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