A gift from my daughter
March 2017

We are never too old to be set straight. I can personally vouch for that.

As I went through the movements of the last few days, feeling sad and broken because of circumstances in my life, I was reminded by a friend that things could be worse. And they definitely could be. With that being brought to my attention, I actually felt slightly ashamed for how I was feeling.

I do completely understand their point of view. I am struggling with issues that I personally cannot change. But, as time passes, these issues will most likely improve, and be but a tiny blip in my memory. Okay, maybe a big blip. But a blip, regardless. My friend though, speaks from a painful place that will never get better, only worse.

Two points I’d like to make.

Health. Take care of your body the best you can. This body is housing your eternal soul. You need your body to work at its best because a sick body robs you of the physical abilities your soul needs in order to do work while here on this earth. It robs your mind of clarity. It steals hours, days, months, and years because your main focus is on yourself and your physical struggles. There are those like my friend, though, who are sick, but not because of anything they did or didn’t do. And that makes me sad. And it makes me more compassionate to understanding their point of view concerning my issues. Things could be worse so cherish good health.

Perspective. Even though my situation is most likely temporary, I am still allowed to feel. I recently wrote a blog called EMOTIONS. God designed us to have many emotions. I believe this is a great gift. Emotions tie us to each other and bring us closer. When we laugh, we laugh together. Isn’t it a blast to share a good, hearty laugh with a friend? One that brings tears to your eyes and makes your face and abdomen hurt. Sadness brings us close together too in order to comfort one another. There are many emotions to cherish and embrace. Simply put, it is a gift to feel the way I do. I am allowed to feel the sadness and brokenness. It is a blessing to be human and to feel. On the flip side though, I need to keep things in perspective. I cannot allow my emotions get out of hand only to rob me of the many good things in my day.

To sum it up: Take care of your health. Allow yourself to feel. Maintain a healthy perspective. Embrace your humanness.

Thank you for being here. I appreciate you so very much. Sharing coffee with you is a blessing. ♥️


One thought on “Perspective

  1. Very well written :-). Yes things could always be worse. I think of all the thousand of children that are dying before their parents right now because of the opioid epidemic of the United States.

    I was very close to a particular family and saw the devastating effect that happened, when one of the two adult children of a very loving mother died of heroin overdose. Just a few years ago.

    Rejoicing for all the good things in life is a must. Just as you said 🙂

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