Cataract Falls, upper
Autumn 2019


Is there shame in expressing sadness, heartache, or pain,
To look toward the sun and only see rain,
Is it absurd of me to feel such emotions,
Must I drink from the well of those “feel good” potions?

My feelings are genuine and very real to me,
Please don’t condemn because you can’t see,
That the positive and negative, together compose,
The very essence of people, with their highs and their lows.

Perpetual happiness is wrong to expect,
When a heart is so broken; emotions reflect,
As God in the beginning blessed all of mankind,
With many emotions, at His will He designed.

So cherish and marvel at this wonderful gift,
Knowing life isn’t always joyful and bliss,
While lifting a sad soul to a happier place,
Variety of emotion is worth the embrace.

January 25, 2013

I wrote this when I was going through a very difficult time. Actually, I was going through my divorce. And I was sad. I thought about emotions. Why do we have them and where did they come from?

You often hear one person tell another to not be sad. But I believe that sadness is just as important as happiness. I’m not talking about depression. I’m talking about the emotion of sadness.

Emotions were designed by our Creator. And He was perfect in His design. Emotions bring people closer together because when there are no words, hearts speak to each other. Emotions are expressive, and they make life colorful.

So don’t stifle sadness. Instead, comfort. Strengthen. Be compassionate. Be understanding. And always, love. ♥️

Thank you for sharing this cup with me.
Your presence is always welcome at my table.


2 thoughts on “EMOTIONS

  1. It’s funny how many people, many Christians, will mention sadness as if it is a sin. There is nothing wrong with sadness. Suppressing sadness can be so harmful. Sadness and happiness are part of the human experience and we should freely experience both, just as our Creator does. Psalms, Lamentations, Jeremiah (“the weeping prophet), and more are all manifestations of both overwhelming sadness and extreme joy.

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