Find Your Gift

This lovely quote hangs on my wall.

In continuing with my thoughts from yesterday, I’d like to expand a little more on finding your gift.

When I was in junior high school, I had an amazing language arts teacher, Miss Mahoney. She, and my favorite singer, John Denver, helped me discover my love for poetry. Along with my own poems, I would write down the lyrics to his lovely songs and put them in a folder. I would read poetry books. Even Rod McKuen’s sultry poetry books. 😲 I’d listen to America a lot. Their songs made me anxious to start my life. I wanted to get on the highway and just head west toward the setting sun. I simply loved how poetry and music made me feel.

Then high school happened and my interest turned more towards friends…and boys. While music was still very important to me, poetry quietly disappeared. Before the start of my junior year, we moved away from the friends I grew up with and loved. I was sad for a long time. It was a hard transition. A year after high school though, I was married. Children came and well, life just happened. To make a very long story short, I finally rekindled my love of writing poetry in my early 50’s. I had gone decades without writing. Well, except for the many “letters to the editor” I wrote. I could be pretty vocal at times. 😬 Imagine that.

What I’m trying to say is that writing has been with me my whole life. It laid dormant for decades, but it was still there. Kind of like preserved in a cocoon. Now I can’t imagine not writing.

What do you have tucked away just waiting to emerge? Do you know what your gift is? I think deep inside you do. Don’t let others hinder you. Don’t keep it dormant. Don’t make excuses, and don’t wait to enjoy it!

Because I consider writing to be a gift and am so grateful for it, my intention is to always use it for good. I desire to write thought-provoking and encouraging messages that stir your heart in a good and warm way. My heart is filled with appreciation for what’s been given to me.

When you discover your gift, or if you already know what it is, be sure to share it. A gift has more value if it is given to others.

Be kind. Be loving. And do all with thanksgiving in your heart. ♥️

Thank you for stopping by!
Coffee with you makes my day brighter. ☀️


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