I Lift You Up

Tonight, I’m lifting you up in prayer.

I pray that God will hold you close tonight and give you peace as you rest. I’ll ask that His healing hands be placed upon your heart and that your burdens be lightened. And I will pray that He might give you wisdom for the days ahead, and strength for your tomorrow.

My heart is very heavy tonight. Maybe yours is as well. I thought I’d encourage you through prayer and lift you up.

Be grateful for the peace of God. ♥️


8 thoughts on “I Lift You Up

  1. I am so sorry Andi 😦 I have been very busy with family and trying to follow a new path for work from the Lord. I always think of you and say a prayer daily for you because you are always so sweet and commenting, really talking with me on here. It looks like I need to add a friend of yours into my daily prayers! Sending prayers up right now!

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