I was going through pictures this morning and I came across this one of my son, Jet, and his brother, Ezekiel’s, daughter, Belle. They are in the waiting room of the hospital where I was having my hip replacement.

Children are most precious because of their innocence and vulnerabilities. All of a sudden, they just came into existence.They know nothing of yesterday. They are absolutely starting from scratch. And they, most definitely, live in the moment.

So with a knowledge of nothingness, they have to start somewhere, and it all begins with those with whom they live closely with and their surroundings.


They talk in the same as what they hear.

They act the same as what they see.

They walk the same path as the what they are shown.

They believe the same as what they are taught.

My young grandchildren ask a lot of questions. I also have a granddaughter who has to touch absolutely everything. I mean everything. And, honestly, it wears this grandma down at times. But I try to remember that this is how they learn. The world is still very new to them, even to the six year old, who is my oldest grandchild. Heck, even I’m still learning about this earth and life. So I try to be patient. They deserve that.

All children are blessings. And should always be treated as such.

Psalm 127:3
Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Children. We need to give them the absolute best start in this life. Take the time to talk with them. They have some of the best questions and thought patterns. Even good ideas. Unlike Jack, who out of the clear blue said, “I don’t have a good idea, Dad.” Jack is four. We have no clue what he was referring to, but it makes you wonder what was bouncing around in that little mind of his. He was trying to explain something to me a little bit ago and I bet he repeated and no less than 12 times before he got his thought out. Their little minds are quite busy minds. And as a warning, their little busy minds will fill in all the blanks in their life with their own “wisdom” if we don’t help them fill in those blanks first.

On the eve of Mother’s Day, I couldn’t think of a better post than honoring those who make us moms.

Happy Mother’s Day Eve! ♥️


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