Original post: October 2, 2020.

Just a note: As I read through my old posts, I see that everything was written with myself in mind. My younger self is writing to the older me…and just when I need it most.

I have been struggling ever so much lately. That hasn’t been a secret. I’ve questioned God’s presence in my life. I’ve wanted answers but only heard silence. I have felt stretched to my limit; almost to the point of snapping.

But I do see now the areas where God has been working behind the scenes. I see where he wanted/ needed me to handle things some things on my own. I believe this was to strengthen my character. Makes me wonder what lies ahead.

I am rejoicing at the bits and pieces of my brokenness coming back together. I’ll be good as new soon. Maybe even better.

I am grateful that God is still working on me. It shows his great love and that he still cares. I had allowed my humanness to get the best of me. The mind is a powerful thing. My apologies if I brought you down with me.


With all the hatred in this world, always let those in your life know how much you do love them. Never leave home angry, or go to bed mad. And never allow trivial issues to shadow your true feelings for one another.

Be kind to those you associate with and be extra kind to strangers who come across your path during your day. You never know how much they may need your kindness. Let love and compassion radiate from you as you travel throughout this day. One never knows how this day will end. With, or without, you in it. Plan as though this is your last day upon the earth.

Leave no doubt with anyone about how you truly feel for them. There’s no regret or shame in telling someone you love them. Those words, that beautiful sentiment, positively affect you both…whether you receive a response or not. Everyone deserves to know they are loved. And how wonderful it feels to say it!

God created the world for us. He designed it to reflect His glory. And His theme is L*O*V*E.

Love is good. ♥️


Photos: pretty flowers in arrangements I’ve made in the past.

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