The Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

Original post: November 26, 2021.

The innocence of a child. Is there anything more beautiful? Such wonderment in simple things.

I bought this little mermaid for my granddaughter. The jewel is her birthstone. It was very inexpensive but this tiny treasure means a great deal to her as she loves the sea and it’s mystical mermaids.

She has a routine before bed. Her blankets have to be placed on her in order with the last one over her head. Then tuck her in tight with a snug as a bug in a rug. She turns on her little mermaid and watches the changing colors until she’s close to sleep. Then she turns it off. She’s good about that.

What does she think about as she gazes into the colorful crystal ball? I don’t want to disturb her by asking questions. Those thoughts belong to her. To me, in this moment of time, she is a little mermaid swimming happily, through a frothy sea, with other mystical creatures and friends…and without a care in the world. Grandma’s little mermaid.

I couldn’t resist taking these pictures. I treasure these quiet moments. These won’t last forever. Before you know it, she will pack away these simple things and swim off to start a life of her own.

Cherish the little things for they are often the most precious moments of your life. ♥️


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