I ♥️ Skunks

I collect skunks. It’s a lot of fun actually, because skunks are a challenge to find. I have found an array of antique skunks. Salt and pepper shakers, an ashtray, pins, and figurines. I have several Pepe Le Pew Christmas ornaments, salt and peppers, and a cookie jar. I even have a light switch cover. But let’s not forget Flower from Bambi. My collection also includes greeting cards, a butter dish, dice, key rings, plates, and a glass.

My love of skunks began in the ‘60s. For Christmas one year I received a red and white talking skunk that smelled like peppermint. His face was soft plastic and his mouth moved to talk when you pulled the string. I loved that skunk.

When I started to turn gray, the grayness began right in front. I wore bangs at that time. I wanted to grow them out, but I couldn’t otherwise I would have looked like a skunk. Love ‘em but don’t want to look like ‘em.

Oh….and a stinky fun fact, I don’t mind the smell of skunks. Ferrets and other smelly critters, yes, I mind. But not skunks.

Below is a sample of my collection.

classic Flower
light switch cover
probably the oldest skunks in my collection
cookie jar and bongo skunk
Bambi and Flower
Flower butter dish
yellow skunk colored by a 102 year old man whom I once had the joy and pleasure to care for at a long term healthcare facility
a skunk with attitude

Whenever a grandchild is born, I give him or her a stuffed skunk. Skunks are just a little fun part of me that I want to share with them.

Now I’d like to introduce to you the newest addition to my skunk collection.

Meet Luka. (A.K.A Moonz). ♥️

Momma and Moonz
Moonz and Kota

I have five little stinkers now and could not be more blessed. ♥️

Have a wonderful day!


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