The Loudest Silence

There are two times during my life when the world came to an eerie silence. The first time were the days following the 9/11 tragedy. Especially those first three days when the skies were void of any air traffic.

The second time were those two weeks of Covid lockdown. Fear kept us quiet. No one made a sound. No car or plane traffic to speak of either which kept our whole world silent.

You don’t realize the amount of noise around you until…it’s not.

But I can only imagine the silence this Saturday all those centuries ago. This was the day after Jesus was crucified. And I imagine there was now a great amount of fear attached to the sadness that already overwhelmed the hearts of those who loved Jesus.

Today marks the day of the loudest silence in the history of the world.

The people were confused. They lacked understanding of all that had taken place up until this point. I cannot fathom the depth of loss and helplessness these people felt at their loss of Jesus. And all seemed hopeless. I have felt loss, helplessness, and loneliness in my life. But to have physically walked with Jesus, heard him speak and teach, and witnessed the miracles firsthand…I can’t even imagine the depth of despair of having him gone.

Today is a good day to reflect on the silence. Where was Jesus then? Where is he today? Even though we did not walk this earth with him physically he is still walks with us today. We have the complete story. The people of yesterday did not have the completed puzzle. The puzzle was being assembled at that time and they were part of it.

With that being said, we should rejoice that we can see the whole picture. We don’t have to walk with Jesus as a physical man in order to believe or feel what the people felt back then.

Listen to the silence. Feel the silence. It’s pretty loud. ♥️


PS If you still feel you need something to move you, the Passion of Christ will do just that. It’s intense in its portrayal of the events of this holy week. I could only watch it once as it was just that powerful.

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