Paint Your Canvas

Original post: April 18, 2021. Edited.

Life is meant to be colorful. Otherwise, why would God have created our world so beautifully? When you look at the blessings of the ability to see in color, and the endless array of color, how could we choose to not live colorfully?

A colorful life isn’t by chance. It isn’t “let the blocks fall as they may”, or, “if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen”.

A colorful life is about working hard for something, or someone. It’s about nurturing, and holding onto, and not letting go of.

This is another wonderful blessing of life. Painting our canvas; our ability to make our own world colorful.

Don’t stifle your creativity, dreams, or goals only to live in a black and white world. When I was young, I thought if you got off a plane in Germany the world there would be in black and white. Why was that? I believe it was because of all the black and white war films around the time I was growing up. I haven’t been to Germany but pictures prove it is anything but black and white.

We tell our young children they can reach for the stars. They can be firemen or doctors or astronauts or teachers. We encourage them to dream, and to dream big. But what happened as we got older? Why aren’t we still reaching for the stars? Why do we leave the dreaming to the children? Dreams can come true even in adulthood. I believe this. But sometimes it means taking chances and making sacrifices. Note to self.

Just to clarify though, a colorful life doesn’t mean we have to do big and extravagant things. You don’t have to have a boatload of money to paint your life beautiful. It’s simply about making life better and happier for ourselves and those around us. Sometimes it’s as simple as the giving and sharing of our time. Quality time.

Dream. Create. Be motivated. Paint your canvas. ♥️


Photos: autumn in Maine; my coloring project

3 thoughts on “Paint Your Canvas

    1. Ahhhh…But you have been painting. You have started a masterpiece. It is amazing what you have accomplished over the last couple of years. Plus, your beautiful new mindset only means a larger canvas and brighter paint. You are a wonderful a artist. You have no idea what it is for me to watch you paint. You make my heart sing. ♥️🎶


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