Fear Keeps Me Tied

I’m a dreamer and a pretend planner. I want to do this and that. But do I? No. Because I’m afraid of absolutely everything. I might talk big with all my ambitiousnesses. But in reality, I’m a horse, tied to a little plastic yard chair, believing she is powerless against the almost weightless anchor.

F E A R !!

Today, I am disappointed in myself. Life is moving so much faster than I am. I want to be moving like these 50-60 mph winds we are experiencing today. But fear keeps me tied.

And I really want to be free.

I can’t put off living until I reach my goal weight, or until my kids move out, or I pay my property taxes, or I save extra money. There will always be something to give me an excuse to tightly embrace fear and remain in the safety of my home.

Time is not on my side. And my world is terribly small. I desire to meet new people and see new places. I can’t stayed tied to this little plastic chair any longer. I’m sooooo restless today. It’s time to be brave and kick fear to the curb. Wish me luck! ♥️


2 thoughts on “Fear Keeps Me Tied

  1. I felt like I wanted to be free bc I’ve had so many time consuming projects for months so I’d like to share what made me feel great! Jot down a bunch of places in your state like towns within an hour distance and also activities like visit Botanical garden or try new Chinese restaurant or try hiking trail. Put the jotted ideas in a bag and pull one out on a date day (with yourself or loved one.) Do it and no excuses! We wrote down a town 40 miles from us and on our way, we found so many unexpected fun things to do, totally unplanned. Adventurous, spontaneous, no one was in control bc the idea on paper was the goal. We rated the date a TEN! Break routine and boredom goes away. And fear!

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