Have you ever thought about how much time and energy we spend pitting what is fair, and what it not, against each other?

We are bombarded daily with situations and issues that first run through the filter in our brain to be categorized as either fair or unfair. Depending on which it is labeled determines our mood and manner of deployment. This all takes energy and time. Especially if found to be unfair. Then we have to stew about it. Call our friends about it. Send out angry texts about it. And of course, post about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Maybe even create a Tik Tok video about it, complete with a rhyming rap song that we spent two hours to write. Time and energy.

Life is unfair. It just is. Well, not everything is unfair but you can definitely expect unfairness to pop up at any given moment in any given day. It likes to surprise us.

How we respond to unfairness reveals a great deal about us. I used to instantly get upset or angry. Angry sailor words would sometimes whirl through my head like a mini tornado. My reactions were often not my prettiest moments.

But it never ever helped to get upset. It only delayed in taking care of the situation through rational thinking.

With age, I’ve become a much calmer person. I’ve had my unfair share of unfairness, but really, who hasn’t? So I’m just used to it. Looking back I can’t even recall the majority of unfairnesses that stole days from me. Wasted time and energy.

We live in a world made up of humans. Each complete with their ideals and perspective on life based upon everything that’s happened to them from their intrauterine days til now. So life here on earth is going to be unfair.

Choosing battles comes to mind. Which unfairness is really worth fighting for? I guarantee you that some unfairnesses are worth fighting for. There is no doubt in my mind about that as I reflect on the tragic, heart wrenching event that took place in Nashville on Monday. Changes need to be made, in many areas, to protect our most precious and our most vulnerable. But for the most part, the unfairnesses we encounter on a daily basis are minute in comparison, and forgotten in a week.

Jesus, though, came to save us from unfairness because he is just. He himself did nothing wrong. Ever. He stood before humans, falsely accused, and judged unfairly. And put to death based on lies.

But to his death, he willingly carried all the sin of this world, yours, mine, theirs, even those who deny his very existence, knowing he’d be separated from his Father because of them.

And he did all this out of love.

And we should be grateful.

Dwelling on things unfair keeps us a victim when we need to be more positive and proactive. (Granted, I am not referring to tragic events as mentioned above. I can’t even…) Life is not, nor will it ever be fair. If it was, would we strive for eternal life in heaven?

Find the balance. Change what you can. Recognize which battle to fight and when to just roll with it. Spend your energies and time on matters that truly matter. And be grateful to God that there is more to our existence than this. ♥️


3 thoughts on “Unfairness

  1. Thank you for this. The Lord loves us and wants us to be happy. All the negatives build and fester and it is difficult to run away from them. But praying to Him always calms me if I truly give every mean negative thought and situation to Him. Prayers are being said here continually for the families and friends in Nashville, Tennessee. Please Dear Lord help each person involved in this tragedy. We here on earth do not understand everything, but I pray we all seek You and ask You into our hearts and we can spend eternity together with You.

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