Setting Sail

Original post: March 28, 2021. Edited. On my way to St. Petersburg for a second time that month to meet with my sister and say our goodbyes to Dad before his final journey.

After my parents divorced, my father bought a sailboat and set sail out into the Atlantic. This was quite a shock to me as he never sailed before, nor had I ever heard him speak of his interest in sailing.

He bought a beautiful sailboat called Dire Straits and lived out on the Atlanta for quite sometime. He sailed the coast of Florida and up the Atlantic coast. He even sailed to Cuba. Dad turned 50 out on the seas by himself. He was even on the cusp of The Perfect Storm. My dad is brave like that. Maybe that’s where my children get their strength. You know…maybe it’s one of those things that skips a generation.

I can only imagine the peace and solitude of living on the sea. The sunrises and sunsets would complete the days. I’d be in Heaven. Storms would add exciting adventure. I imagine that watching from a distance would be both humbling and exhilarating.

Dad is preparing to set sail once again. And this time it is unbelievably hard to let him go.

I’m on the plane and nearing Tampa. Soon I will see my sister and we will do this week all over again. Only this time is our last time.

I’ve tried my hardest to hold back the tears on this flight. There will be opportunity later in the privacy of our room. My brother cancelled late yesterday afternoon. He is at peace with the last moments he had with Dad. I hope to find that same peace tonight.

Dad is preparing for his journey. He just needs to say goodbye one last time.

My heart is breaking. 💔


2 thoughts on “Setting Sail

  1. I know that pain. But mine at first was more peace and grattitude that he was not suffering any more and was with Jesus. Now almost 7 months later, the aching of my heart is worse. I am feeling the void and missing my dad..and my mom who passed in 1993. Your Dad had more courage and a sense of adventure than I ever will. Being out on that ocean, even for a short while, and especially in a small sailboat, would be a nightmare for me. Hopefully he found the peace he was looking for. I am glad you were able to be with him at the end.


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