A Raw Emerald

Original post: August 20, 2021. Edited.

I went to the farmers market one Saturday morning a couple of years ago and came across a booth of homemade jewelry. I’m a sucker for stuff like that. I try to get ideas so I can make my own jewelry.

Right away I saw a stone that caught my eye. I asked what it was. The woman said it was a raw emerald. I was quite intrigued with it as emerald is my birthstone.

She helped other customers while I admired this stone. She came back only to tell me that it’s worthless. That’s when I said I’ll take it.

What she saw as worthless, I saw as beautiful. I had examined the emerald closely and I looked past its imperfections. And what I found was perfect. I also saw a very darkened place embedded on the stone in shape of a heart.

Can you see the heart?

Emerald is my birthstone and I think it’s one of the most beautiful stones in all the world. But this raw emerald has a beauty all its own. I relate to this stone as I am quite imperfect myself. I hope though that my heart stands out from among all the roughness and flawed edges of my being.

I am a raw emerald. Maybe worthless to some who care not to know me, but I’m not worthless to those who can see past the imperfection to my heart.

I’m truly thankful that God sees the potential in this old raw emerald and continues to bless me each and every day. In many ways, I understand why I’m not a shiny, perfect gem. Humility is a part of that reason. Working through imperfection has, in many ways, only made me stronger.

Have a great start to your week. Know that God accepts what others find to be unworthy and finds them absolutely beautiful. ♥️


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