What are we waiting for?

I know I posted something similar to this in the past, even in the recent past, but I genuinely think it cannot be emphasized enough.

There are so many things in life that we put on the back burner. We always think that there will be a tomorrow to do these things. But honestly, there might not be a tomorrow. You simply cannot count on it.

One of my dearest friends fell very ill recently. There very well could have been a no-tomorrow. I’ve had to reflect on that possible loss. So I have become even more determined to not allow people I love to go unnoticed, or for life to move on, un-lived.

No more will things be left undone, words left unsaid, love unspoken, or life un-lived.

Why is it that we wait until a person passes away to honor them? We spend time writing the perfect thoughts for their obituary of what they meant to us. Past tense. But how did we acknowledge this person while they were here as our neighbor, a family member, our bestie, or the friendly baker around the corner?

I say…tell people how you feel about them as often as you can. Everyone needs to know they are loved and appreciated. This is something you will not ever regret doing.


Write a letter to those you care about. Pour out your heart. Tell them what they mean to you. List the good things about them. List the blessings they’ve added to your life. If you, as the writer, were to suddenly pass away, the recipient would cherish those words all the more and find closure. If the recipient passes away, you will be grateful that they knew exactly their stance in your life.

I say…share your heart.

And, while we’re at it…

Pick those flowers.

Make that phone call.

Use that holiday china.

Hug tighter, hold closer, kiss a forehead.💋

Jet and my mom

Climb that mountain!

At Acadia National Park

Surprise someone.

Denae and me

Burn those special dinner candles.

Dance in the rain!


Take that trip.

Wear that little black dress.
Or, long black dress…

What are we waiting for?

Say it. Share it. Wear it. Use it. Love it.

About twelve years ago. I took my girls to a consignment shop to find special dresses for a homeschool event. While there, I tried on dresses for fun. I fell in love with two long black dresses and bought them both. One was $15 and the one pictured below was $25. I didn’t know if I’d ever have the chance to wear either of them. I just loved them. And they were inexpensive. Sometimes you just gotta do what makes you feel pretty.

About a year later, an anonymous someone thought they’d do something nice for me and my now-ex by sending us to a nice restaurant in downtown Indianapolis. (Sweet intention was for us to rekindle our failing marriage.) We went to the restaurant which was very nice but wasn’t as fancy as my dress. Knowing that beforehand, I still chose to wear it. I would never have worn that dress otherwise if I had waited for the absolute perfect place and time.


The simplest things in life are the greatest things of your life.

Fill your days with pleasantries by being kind, thinking of others before yourself, telling someone how much you love them, sharing gratitude for one another, hugging, dancing….living and loving.

All those things we consider little…do more of those things. ♥️


9 thoughts on “What are we waiting for?

    1. Thank you very much. When I write, I write with me in mind. I use my shortcomings to base most everything off of. So it’s definitely written to ME. Lol Thank you for the compliment. The dinner was nice but it was not enough to salvage the marriage.


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