But Even If You Don’t

When we pray, our prayers are often based on our very human side which is filled with emotion. We see everything up close and very personal while God sees a much larger picture with a much greater purpose.

We know that God has all power. We acknowledge that He has the ability to pull us out, and away, from every single situation that pains us. But what if God doesn’t?

Even if God doesn’t…even when we do not understand why…and no matter how much we are hurting…our hope and our trust rest in Him. And this is because God loves us more than we could ever comprehend, and He sees the larger, complete picture.

Even If by MercyMe is one of my most favorite Christian songs, if not the favorite. I’ve listened to it a million times (well maybe not that many) and I tear up (okay, cry) every single time. The emotion Bart Millard beautifully pours into each word reaches my very soul.

But even if You don’t
My hope is You alone

I pray in a certain direction according to my heart (you know, based on my human side), but then I also pray that I accept whatever the outcome is. That is really difficult to do. And truthfully, it is sometimes prayed hesitantly and reluctantly.

But I know He hears me. And I know He feels every bit of my anguish. Yet I also know He has a reason for His decision that I often cannot see or understand. This is submission on my part. Accepting His decision regardless, and loving Him without reserve. It is quite humbling.

But even if You don’t
My hope is You alone



Photos: a big part of my heart lies 1,300 miles away in the beautiful state of Maine. These pictures are mine and were taken in 2017, 2019.

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