Butterfly Kisses

Before she goes bed, my lovely 6 year old granddaughter, Belle, knocks on my bedroom door. I answer and she asks to come in. I say yes, of course. I know why she’s come to visit.

She always finds me in my recliner, writing.

First she says, “I just want to hug you.” We hug tightly.

She keeps her face close to mine.

“Butterfly kiss.”

I remove my readers so my eyelashes can brush her cheek. Sometimes we get silly and I will give her butterfly kisses all over her face. We’ve even butterfly kissed our eyelashes together.

Next she says, “Eskimo kiss.” So we rub the tip of our noses together.

Last but not least, she asks for a regular kiss.

I love you’s are shared and then she’s off running to her daddy for a goodnight story. They are reading The Hobbit.

I love our little bedtime routine. One day she will no longer ask for butterfly kisses so I give them liberally now and treasure each and every one.

my sweet Belle

Treasured moments between this blessed grandma and her sweet granddaughter. 🦋


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