The Sun

And God created the sun on the fourth day. Genesis 1: 14-19. “And God saw that it was good.”

I love the sun. Not only does it supply the vitamin D my body requires but it is good for my soul. The sun has a warmth that compares to nothing else.

The sun can make a difference between a rough day and a good day. I guess it helps me to handle things with a cheerier attitude. I know I should be able to control my attitude on my own but a little boost from the sun is sometimes just what I need.

Today I received a message. My friend whom so many have been praying for, was sitting in the sun. At the time I received the message I was also enjoying the sun from my car window. It warmed me as I was cold all day at work. I’m sure my friend found some comfort in the healing rays of the sun.

Many today talk of the ill effects of the sun. I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I am a believer. And if my God says “it is good”, then that’s what I’m running with.

My sunroom was aglow in the late afternoon sun today. The plants were loving it. I have three orchids currently blooming. I sent pictures of them to my friend.

Always be grateful. ♥️


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