Staring Death in the Face

This thought has been haunting me for several days now. Tonight, I’m drowning in it.

I watched a program about the poisoning of our environment. Our water. Our air. Our land. Our food supply is becoming smaller and less healthy. Our world is contaminated inside and out.

For once being the country on top of the world, we have allowed for the swindling of our health and our wealth by those who pad their own pockets. We were relishing in the notion that we, as a nation, could never fall. Something like that could never happen here. But it is here. And we need to recognize it for what it is.

I look around at all I have in my home. There is a railroad a mile from here on the north side of town. What if a train derailed here? What if a fire raged nearby and we were all evacuated? Or, a devastating earthquake? What would I take with me when I have to flee my home? Realistically, nothing matters except for life.

At the beginning of last week, my dear friend was suddenly fighting for his life. And as he was fighting, he was wondering IF he should be fighting. And while I want him to fight hard always (because I selfishly need him here), I understood his sentiment completely. The world is not the same anymore. People are not the same either. Heaven gates are much more appealing. Seeing Jesus in all His glory and knowing there will no longer be tears, well…nothing here compares.

Staring death in the face. Whether on our deathbed, or watching all that supports life on earth deteriorate before our eyes, we are all staring death in the face. What do we do?

For one, we need to be reassured that God is in control of ALL things. But if His children do not make their concerns known to Him, or simply do not care, He might sit out on a few things. We do not know. His desire is for us to come to Him with our requests. He wants us to lay our burdens at Jesus’s feet. He wants to hear from you and me.

I cannot stress enough, the need to draw closer to God. We never know when our last breath will take place. Sure, we have ideas on what we want for our future lives, but are we prepared if our future is only tomorrow?

When you realize the fragility of life, you will also realize you are constantly staring death in the face. Let’s look through death to a life made in heaven.

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