I can say that I come from a long line of nappers, but I cannot say I come from a long line of apron wearers. I think though, that I have officially started that line.


a long time ago

I wear aprons, along with all three of my daughters and my daughter-in-law, and now my granddaughters. Sometimes my goofy boys will slip one on to give us a hand in the kitchen. I love it.

Ezekiel, many years ago

With our annual holiday baking day, the girls wear an apron with their elf name attached. Many years ago, when I was a stamper, I made badges that were pinned to their aprons. This past Christmas I surprised them with personalized pins of their elf name. Next year I hope to have new aprons for each of my baking elves.

Zara Belle

a young Zara Belle

Denae: Cocoa
Charlie: Jangle
Mattea: Zara Belle
Dani: Snickerdoodle (The pin I had made had a limit of letters so her pin is SnickerDoo)
(Me: Glitter)


Belle: Holly
Kota: Tinsel
Juneau: Poppy


Tinsel and Cocoa


We have a lot of fun in the kitchen. It’s non-stop sharing and laughing. Music is always playing so there’s constant singing, and occasionally, a little kitchen dancing.

Glitter, Jangle, Zara Belle

Cocoa and Glitter, a long time ago.

I treasure all the memories made while wearing aprons. Wearing an apron means that something good is coming out of the kitchen.

Zara Belle, Jangle, SnickerDoo, Poppy

my dining room, a long time ago

I hope you make good memories too, regardless if you wear an apron or not. ♥️


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