Thank You!

I’m just a little ole’ country girl from the middle of nowhere. I write because I have to get all this words out of my head before my head explodes. It’s like overfilling a balloon and having to let a little of that air out. That’s my head.

But truthfully I share things, sometimes hard things, that you might possibly relate to. Then you will know that you are not alone. That’s one thing I hate for anyone is for someone to feel alone in their trials and struggles. It’s my hope too that I can inspire you and lift you to a better place. And maybe I can even give you a laugh every once in awhile. Or, at least a smile.

But most of all, I hope I can help you to become closer to Jesus as I become closer to Him. It’s a journey that is very personal but we can certainly walk together, side-by-side and hand-in-hand, to encourage one another.

Thank you for stopping by Coffee with Andi and viewing my blog. I’m grateful for each view, each Like, each comment, and each message. I’m on Cloud Nine. Thank you. ♥️


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