4 thoughts on “Plants and a Pen

  1. I look back in life and I see that I am the happiest with digging in the dirt. The dirt strategically prepared with something like five metric tons of composted horse manure in Mountain Meridian, Indiana. Graciously given by our very nice neighbor with a horse farm.

    Every year for years we would as a family, do canning, the produce I grew, and my brothers and sisters helped with. And of course my mother who was the overseer of canning produce.

    Nothing much more rewarding than feeding all the neighbors, within a quarter mile, with producing so much at the time it just rotted on the vine, even after saving up for the future via canning.

    At least what went to waste on the ground was very good fertilizer for the coming year. Much nitrogen and needed phosphorus.

    Looking to get back to that lifestyle again in Indiana. And eventually eating almost nothing that comes from the grocery store. ❤️💚🍀.

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