Love For My Children

During my years as a mom I have wondered how to explain the love I have for my children. I mean really explain it.

It’s so fascinating to me how life begins and grows. I have six children. Two from my first marriage and four with the second. And although they have similar traits, they are very different from each other. That amazes me.

As their school teacher, I knew that each had different interests, strengths, weaknesses, learning skills, and abilities. Therefore, each had to be approached a little differently to some degree. I often tried to fit them into one-size-fits-all classroom, but then one child (sometimes two) would end up being sent to their room. Which, by the way, was a little mini vacation for the defiant.

Each child needed to express themself in their own way. They needed my attention in varied ways too. (I will admit, sadly, I missed that mark much of the time.)

(Holiday Baking Day, 2012)

Throughout the years, my kids would ask me who my favorite child was. I always told them I do not have a favorite. I’d reiterate that each child is different and needed to be treated differently but I love them all the same.

(Warrior Dash, 2013)

Well, tonight I watched a movie called Two Weeks (2006) with Sally Field. She plays Anita, a mother who is dying. Her three sons and daughter stay with her for the two weeks before she passes.

The movie flashes back and forth between the present and a video her son, Keith, creates of him interviewing her. At one point, he asks his mom who her favorite child is and if it is his brother, Blake. She goes into a story about Blake. He did something that no one else would do. But she says he’s not her favorite.

Then she very lovingly and thoughtfully says…

I love you all equally but not the same.

And I found that to be a perfect response.

There’s nothing quite like the love of a mother. Since I’m not a father, I cannot speak on their behalf. But I do know how I feel. I love all my children unconditionally and equally…but differently. And this may be difficult to understand. I get it. Yet…it makes complete sense to me.

Maybe in the morning I will question this sentiment. But for tonight…

I love my children equally (and with all my heart) but not the same. ♥️


3 thoughts on “Love For My Children

  1. You are a super mom. I remember you getting a former school bus to take your kids to dentist and doctors appointments! You did awesome! Hopefully they appreciate all you did as a mom and teacher.


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