The Perfect…

“Don’t lose the GOOD in search of the PERFECT.” – unknown

We are so busy searching for the perfect in our jobs, our hobbies, our sports, etc., that we overlook all the good in our everyday lives. All those beautiful things that are right under our nose and in plain sight.

Kota Bear & Baby Moonz

The good in life is found all around us and in innumerable ways.

in raising your children
drying tears and kissing boo-boos
by helping those in need
loving your spouse
beautiful weddings
happy graduations
kitchen dancing with your daughters
holding a loved one’s hand
birth of a child
baby’s first steps
in pillow talks
coffee with friends

June Bug

the Fourth of July

Princess Belle & Little Man, Jack

picnics and reunions
family movie nights
t-ball games
autumn walks
and is found in all of nature

We have an altered concept of what the perfect is and that concept truly isn’t tangible. It’s like dangling a carrot before a horse. We will never be able to reach that which we falsely believe to be the perfect. There will always be more and more that we want or need. We will never be filled or satisfied.

At the end of life, I honestly believe we will realize we had the perfect all along.

I’m not suggesting to toss dreams off to the side. I am suggesting though that you enjoy every single minute of the journey.

Because that’s where the true perfect is. ♥️


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