Wait For It

“If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.” Habakkuk‬ ‭2‬:‭3‬ ‭

It always seems slow, doesn’t it? Waiting on God to answer.

Everything in our world today is at the tip of our fingers. Instant gratification has become the norm in every area of life. And often we pay dearly for that.

Anyone close to me knows that I haven’t been the most patient person throughout my life. But I am getting better at it. I’m learning to breathe through the impulses that drive me to do stupid stuff. I’m learning to trust God.

Impatience is human nature to a fault. It gets worse as time go on when we still haven’t received an answer. Sometimes it has been answered in a way we don’t recognize…yet. Often it does take a long period of time. Wait for it….

And then sometimes we feel we have to help God out. You know…to move things along a little. (Like God needs our help.) Just as Sarah, in the Old Testament, when she gave Abraham her handmaiden, after waiting for God to make good on His promise that she would conceive. That certainly didn’t turn out well for her as jealousy arose out of trying to outthink and work ahead of God.

God has a better view of the whole picture than we do. He sees everything and from all angles. He sees where the danger lies, and He protects. Sometimes there are lessons to be learned in the waiting. Working ahead of God instead of allowing Him the time needed to answer prayer is often defeating. Then we question Him when everything falls apart. Why, God?

But God is good. He is continually picking up our broken pieces and sticking them back on. He never runs out of adhesive. He is good like that.

It’s just so hard sometimes to see the right door to open or the path for us to walk. But He is ever-present and all-knowing. He only asks for patience.

Waiting on God.

I’m sitting here in the quietness of this early morning reflecting upon the wait. For answered prayers. For new beginnings. For direction and outcomes. But I realize that so many prayers have already been answered. And I can see where others are coming together. And I am grateful.

I am learning patience.

I am learning to rejoice in each moment of my life instead of wishing it away.

I’m learning to look for the blessings in the wait.

And through it all, I’m learning to love God with deeper respect and admiration.

The wait. It will surely come. ♥️


And yes, I am sitting in front of my Christmas tree. Thanksgiving is Christmas this year as all my children and grandchildren will be together in my home. What could possibly make Thanksgiving even more perfect? I am grateful. ♥️

4 thoughts on “Wait For It

    1. Thank you! I bought this tree last year. It was pretty inexpensive. It’s for my grandkids to decorate. Of course, after they went to bed I had to move everything up! I have a gorgeous flocked tree which I decorate with in a woodland theme. But with my daughter’s new cat and young ones…um, no. LOL

      Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

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