There is a Place…

pathway near my home

There is a place I go where I find peace. It’s not just one place, or two. It’s many places. It’s wherever the breeze finds me. It’s where I hear birds and tree frogs. It’s where I watch squirrels dart one way and then another; seemingly, without rhyme or reason.

I find peace at my perfect lunch spot, in the notch of a circle drive that nestles me up closer to the woods. The huge trees hang over me like a canopy and even on the hottest days of summer, they keep me cool. With the windows down, the breeze finds me and, I find peace.

view from my perfect lunch spot

Breezes from across the sea along the rocky Maine coast, that tangle up my hair, and those that breathe across the sandy beaches of the Gulf are refreshing with their salty tastes and smells.

a rocky Maine coast

The sun is an added blessing to the breezes in a day. And the crispness of a midnight breeze with the moon and stars above make me feel small and appreciative.

I love the outdoors. Away from the hustle and bustle of work and town life. In the solitude, I am closer to God. He is the breeze that touches my soul and brings me peace. And I am grateful for all of his creation.

I ran across this writing and it fits me. I’m not sure who Emelia is, but she gets it.

I am wishing you many moments of peace today. ♥️


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