Signs of Change

I went to my usual napping place at lunchtime. A beautiful day after a couple of stormy nights. My parking spot in the park is in a shady nook of the circle drive which is covered by a canopy of heavy leafy branches on the edge of the thick woods.

I open my windows, lay my seat back…and listen. And I feel.

I feel a part of the breeze and of all the sounds. Even the earthy smell of the damp forest floor gives me peace. I watch the birds fly above me and for a moment I wish I had beautiful, powerful wings. I feel a part of it all.

I choose not to talk anyone. No texting or phone calls. I sometimes eat but not often. I sleep for only about 10 minutes. Fifteen, at the most. The majority of time is spent emptying my head and refilling it with dreams, thoughts of romance, and reminiscing of days long gone. I’m still a young schoolgirl at heart. Nature inspires me and I most definitely feel closer to God.

The girls from work think it’s funny that I do this everyday. That I can actually sleep and not set an alarm. But this is my quiet place to unwind and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Today, though, I could barely sleep. There was something new, but familiar in the air. It heightened my senses to another level. As in the anticipation of seeing a loved friend who has been away for a lengthy period time.

Change was in the air.

It is Autumn. My favorite season is just around the corner. Autumn holds many emotions for me. Happiness, joy in holidays and family gatherings, cozy nights, fresh crisp days, bonfires, romance…but pain, as well, in the loss of my best friend and our shared love for all that I have mentioned.

Still…this is the only change I truly love and look forward to. The people in my life know I’m not so good with change otherwise.

There are other signs of change appearing in my life presently. I’m hesitant to accept them with open arms. Fear of the unknown, I suppose. Only time will tell. But today…today my heart was light and happy.

These signs of change couldn’t have come at a better time. ♥️


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