What if…

Always thinking. That’s me.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what ifs? Mostly this thought has been centered around losing people in my life. I guess this has been on my mind since my ex-father-in-law passed and was buried today. He was a good man and loved by everyone.

Melvin was patriotic. A veteran of the Korean War. He loved our country and our flag. He was a fisherman. A transporter of Amish folk. A family man. He was Meek. Kind. Gentle.

I remember the day when my in-laws’ house burned. My husband and I got there as soon as we could. We could see the white smoke a long distance away. The fire department was there spraying the huge flames. I was big pregnant with my first child, but that didn’t prevent my father-in-law from collapsing in my arms, sobbing. He was a big man. Not overweight, but tall and strong. I held onto him tightly and surprisingly, I was able to support his weight. It’s a cherished moment I will never forget. That was 40 years ago this year.

I tried to think back to our last conversation and sadly, I do not recall it. That got me to thinking a little bit more.

Choose any person in your life and think about them for a moment. What if that person passed away suddenly tomorrow? Would you be left with any regrets? Would you be left with things unsaid? If yes, fix it. Did they know how you felt about them? If no, fix it. Now think of another person and ask these same questions. And then keep on moving to the next person and the next.

We do not have a single guarantee that we will live to old age like my ex-father-in-law who would have been 93 this month. We don’t know what a day holds or what the next phone call will bring.

The bible talks about being prepared. Being prepared for a home in Heaven. But I think it’s good to be prepared for the unexpected. Certainly we cannot be prepared for every scenario but we can maybe be better at relationships. When I pass, I don’t want a single person in my life to wonder how I felt about them.

If a what if happens in your life, I hope you are left with no regrets. Oh, and try not to leave regrets either. Leave smiles.

Goodnight, Melvin. ♥️


3 thoughts on “What if…

  1. That is the exact reason I went to see my mom after almost 3 years of this covid pandemic despite my sisters saying I couldn’t be near her without being vaccinated. I wore a mask and didn’t get too close to her which made talking difficult because the mask muffled my voice and she is hard of hearing. Despite calling and talking to her every other day I knew her time was limited and I needed to see her not just talk on the phone. I have been there 3 times now in the past month only about 15 minutes each time (that is all her attention span can handle) and I have seen how she has declined and I would have never forgiven myself if I allowed my sisters to dictate who can and can’t see her.

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  2. He was a super great guy loved by so many. A true American patriot. Living on the family farm of 100 acres. He remembered the great depression. Born at the end of the economic boom of the roaring 20s.

    Now he rests next to my beautiful hearted grandmother, for the first time in a little bit under 15 years.

    Love you grandpa, You are loved… You are missed…


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  3. I’m sorry for your loss…and the loss for your boys. I remember Mr. Kaiser from our high school days. Her was certainly a hero in the eyes of many.

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