Fear vs Courage

“If you are not afraid, why would you need courage?”

That quote was in my devotional this morning. Today I learned something about fear. As I am a fearful person and the weight of the known, and unknown, weigh heavy on my heart, I discovered something of great importance.

It is written numerous times throughout the Bible do not be afraid and fear not. We are also told to be courageous.

“If you are not afraid, why would you need courage?”

This is what I learned:

Since God does not contradict himself, I will surmise that he means “not to succumb to fear”.

If we need courage, fear is probably present to some extent.

Here on earth, as we are confronted with trials and tribulations, the enemies of God’s righteousness, and of the great unknowns, we fear in order to be courageous. Fear is fuel to reach higher ground.

Note: Fearing God is different. We cannot stand up to or confront God. Fear is respect, love, and reverence to him. Fear is knowing he has all power in heaven and on earth, and he has all power on judgment. There is no courageous stance against God Almighty.

Fear is not always a bad thing. It is truly a bad thing when we succumb to it and become it’s slave.

I hope this this thought inspires you today. I hope it gives you courage to reach higher ground and conquer the hard things in life. We have been told all our life not to fear. I’m saying to go ahead and fear to some degree. Just don’t allow it to become your master.

Have a SONshiny weekend. ♥️


Photo: taken in Florida on one of our many trips

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