Breaking In…

How many things have you had to break in before you got the best, most comfortable use out of them? You know…like breaking in a pair of shoes. At first it can be rough with blisters on your heels or maybe your little pinky toe turns a shiny red, but soon the shoe feels like a natural part of your foot.

How about…

Breaking in a pair of jeans.

Or, a pair of boots.
Work boots, cowboy boots, hiking boots.

A baseball glove.

A leather jacket.

A hat.

A new bath towel.

I thought about this breaking in stuff after I recently bought a new brassiere. Wow…it is almost painful to wear. (It’s like breaking in a saddle but without the squeak. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️)

Breaking in…

What about in a spiritual sense? When we become Christians we kind of go through a breaking in period. This transitional period is filled with many changes and a whirlwind of emotion.

There’s the letting go and the pressing forward.

There’s the guilt-ridden moments when you suddenly realize the place you were…and you thought you were okay.

There may be the loss of people you love and admire as they just don’t understand. They liked you the way you were.

Then there’s Satan who will try even harder to break you. He wants you back.

It’s a difficult and challenging life but so worth it when all is said and done. The promises of God. That’s where our hope lies.

Breaking in…

It can be painful. But the best is yet to come when it is finally broken in.

Just my thought for today.

Have a great weekend. ♥️


Photos: taken during my Mother’s Day walk with my girls.

6 thoughts on “Breaking In…

  1. God looks after us as his children. I think he understands when Christians need to grow in him and as a person. It is a blessing to see God in in your daily life.

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