After writing my last post, REST, I went outside to sit on my back porch to reset my circadium rhythm with the early morning blue light of the sun. I have been reading more about the benefits of this lately. Today is my first day.

It’s a breezy morning and a little cool but not bad. I can see the sun and I welcome it’s energy. Nyx enjoys that I’m outside in her element after being cooped up all winter and during the many rainy, dreary days of spring.

It’s actually more than a breezy morning. It’s more like Pooh’s blustery day. My hair is pretty scary right now.

I sit here with my coffee and my dog and I thank God for the sun and the wind that rushes over me.

I think of all the breezes that have tussled my hair and engulfed my being throughout the years. For most of my life I tried to avoid the wind. It wasn’t until the salty sea breezes of years ago did I begin to appreciate it.

I think of the breeze as whispers of time, blowing memories in and out of my mind. It fills me with wonder and creativity. This is a moment of nature reaching out to touch me, and I feel a part of it. It’s better than a lover.

Some may think I’m strange with the thoughts I write about. But I am blessed (or, some may think, cursed) with feeling so much and so deeply. I embrace it.

I hope your day is good and that you can feel, to an extent, like I do. ♥️


5 thoughts on “Breezes

  1. It started to rain earlier and as I laid in bed with the windows open, the wind blowing the curtains and the sound of rain, I enjoy this as it is my favorite calming sounds.

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  2. It’s never strange–the things you write about. It’s what many others would write about if they stopped and smelled the roses and put their faith in God. Keep ’em coming!

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